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As the most prevalent form of sexual dysfunction in men, premature ejaculation (also called impotence) occurs during sex when a man reaches orgasm earlier than he or his partner would like. Some men experience premature ejaculation from an early age (called “lifelong” premature ejaculation), while others get it later in life (“acquired” premature ejaculation).

If premature ejaculation isn’t properly treated, it can make men feel ashamed and embarrassed. It may also cause one or both partners to feel dissatisfied with their sex life, leading to more serious relationship problems.

Premature ejaculation impacts an estimated 21-31% of the male population in New Zealand, largely affecting teenagers and younger men. Unfortunately, many men are hesitant to seek treatment for their condition or discuss their concerns with a doctor. As a result, medical experts suspect that the actual number of men who experience premature ejaculation may be much higher than what’s reported.

Today, there are convenient ways to get treatment for premature ejaculation. In many cases, you won’t even have to visit an in-person doctor’s office. It’s time to stop letting premature ejaculation ruin your sex life. Learn more about how premature ejaculation is diagnosed and find the treatment option that’s right for you.

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Men's Health Clinic, Premature Ejaculation

What is PE?

Premature ejaculation is when ejaculation occurs earlier than desired, often within 2 minutes. In order for PE to be considered an issue it should be causing you and your partner some frustration and distress.

Men's Health Clinic, Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation Diagnosis

Periodically, you might notice that you orgasm quickly during sex. It’s normal for this to occur occasionally, and it can happen if you haven’t ejaculated in a while or if you’re sleeping with a new sexual partner for the first time.

However, if you are frustrated because you’re consistently ejaculating earlier than you’d like (often within the first three minute of sex), then you should be evaluated for premature ejaculation.

Receiving a diagnosis for premature ejaculation is a straightforward process, only requiring a phone consultation with a Men’s Health Clinic Doctor. At your consultation, the doctor will ask about your medical history and any ongoing medical conditions you have.

Your doctor will also inquire about your sex life, asking details about your relationship and how long you’ve been noticing symptoms of premature ejaculation. If you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction in addition to premature ejaculation, your doctor will likely test you.

Men's Health Clinic, Premature Ejaculation

Can it be treated?

Yes. Because every body differs, no single treatment works for every man. Many men can be treated successfully and easily with affordable treatment options. The hardest part is taking the first step and talking to a doctor.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment

There are several effective ways to treat premature ejaculation. Depending on the causes of your premature ejaculation, your doctor may recommend a number of different treatment options, including behavioural exercises and techniques, or custom tailored treatment.

Behavioural Exercises and Techniques

You can start practising certain behavioural exercises and techniques in order to get your premature ejaculation under control. These tactics are a good starting point if you’re only experiencing mild or occasional instances of premature ejaculation since they’re free, easy, and can be done at home.

Masturbating Before Sex

If you’re able to plan ahead, try masturbating a couple of hours before you have sex. That way, sexual intercourse with a female partner will essentially become “round two,” and you’ll likely last longer. Of course, this technique won’t help in the heat of the moment, but it’s a worthwhile tactic ahead of a date night or romantic weekend away.

Kegel Exercises

Many women use Kegel exercises to strengthen their pelvic floor after pregnancy or childbirth, but men can also use them to improve premature ejaculation. If you’re better able to control penile function, you are less likely to climax too early.

To perform these exercises, you’ll first need to find your pelvic floor muscles. Here’s how: The next time you use the bathroom, try to stop the flow of urine mid-stream. The muscles you use to perform that action are your pelvic floor muscles.

Once you’ve located your pelvic floor, doing Kegels is quite straightforward. Simply contract the muscles and hold that squeeze for 10 seconds. Relax for a few moments and then repeat the exercise up to 10 times. As you get accustomed to the feeling, try to work your way up to three sets per day.

Stop-Start Technique

Developed by urologist Dr James Semans, the “stop-start” technique is a form of edging and an effective way to delay ejaculation. It’s easy to perform, either by yourself or with a partner.

To try it, begin masturbation or sexual activity as usual. When you feel like you’re ready to climax, quickly stop all stimulation and let the urge pass. Repeat this tactic as many times as you’d like during sex. With enough practice, you will gain more control over your orgasm.

Squeeze Technique

Another form of edging, the “squeeze” technique is quite similar to the “stop-start” method — with one notable difference. You’ll start by masturbating or having sex and then stopping once you think you are about to ejaculate. Then, instead of completely stopping all movement, gently squeeze the head of your penis to prevent yourself from climaxing.



Your mental health and sexual health are extremely intertwined. Just like psychological issues can trigger premature ejaculation, your premature ejaculation can go on to create mental health problems, like depression and anxiety.

If you’re dealing with premature ejaculation and mental health issues, your doctor will recommend that you speak with a mental health professional. With therapy for premature ejaculation, you can learn how to cope with the psychological worries that are causing your condition. You’ll also gain the tools to deal with the emotional distress brought on by the premature ejaculation. Sometimes, your partner might participate in therapy with you.


Custom tailored treatment with Men’s Health Clinic

Men’s Health Clinic NZ is the leading provider of sexual dysfunction treatment plans in New Zealand. Upon initial consultation, we run through your lifestyle and medical history to see if you would be suitable for our treatment plans. If you are suitable, we will book you in for a phone consultation with our New Zealand licensed doctors to develop a custom-tailored treatment that suits your individual needs. This form of treatment is how we have helped over 5000 men across 10 years and earned 5 star Google Reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions About Premature Ejaculation

Can you treat premature ejaculation?

Yes, premature ejaculation is treatable. There’s no need to suffer in silence — learn about affordable treatment options for premature ejaculation and get pricing from Men’s Health Clinic.

What causes premature ejaculation?

Men experience premature ejaculation for a number of reasons, including psychological and physical issues. For example, some men can attribute their premature ejaculation to mental struggles with stress and anxiety. For others, their premature ejaculation stems from physical health factors, such as an oversensitive penis, hormone imbalances, or certain diseases.

What are the best treatment options for premature ejaculation?

There are multiple non-invasive ways to treat premature ejaculation, including therapy, behavioural techniques, exercises, and treatments. The appropriate treatment plan for you will depend on the severity of your condition and other health factors, so it’s important to speak with a medical professional for a customised treatment plan.

How can I start premature ejaculation treatment?

You’ll first need to talk to a doctor about your symptoms and sex life. If you’re hesitant to discuss these topics with your regular GP, you can visit a specialty men’s health clinic instead. At Men’s Health Clinic, our doctors have an extensive background in men’s health and understand the sensitive nature of sexual dysfunction. Learn how to schedule a virtual consultation with our medical team.


What is Men’s Health Clinic?

Men’s Health Clinic is an online medical practice that serves men all across New Zealand. Our team of licenced New Zealand doctors are experts in men’s health, with decades of experience in the field. We provide personalised treatment plans to patients struggling with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

During your appointment, we will assess your medical history and recommend a suitable treatment plan. Afterwards, our pharmacists will ship your prescriptions right to your front door in discreet packaging. As you go through your premature ejaculation treatment, our team will be with you every step of the way to make sure you see success.

At Men’s Health Clinic, we empower men to reclaim their sex lives and feel more confident inside and outside of the bedroom. To learn more about the tailored solutions from Men’s Health Clinic, call us today on 1300 707 998 or schedule a phone consultation on our website.

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