Complaints Policy

Feedback and Complaints Policy



Men’s Health Clinic aims to provide a high quality, professional service for all clients at all times. Your feedback helps us to improve our service. As part of this service, we also acknowledge you have a right to complain as outlined within the Health & Disability Commissioner’s Code of Rights and the Health Information Privacy Code.

This policy is intended to ensure that your feedback or complaint is handled in a manner that is fast, simple and fair.

How to give feedback or make a complaint

We welcome your feedback and suggestions to help us to improve our service to you. We want to know what we are doing well and where we can improve. You can contact us with suggestions, compliments or complaints using the following details:

• Email address:
• Telephone number: 0800807744

It is important to note that our doctors and pharmacists are independent practitioners and are responsible for their own clinical practice and conduct. If your complaint is about the services or care provided by your doctor or pharmacist, we may pass your complaint on to them to respond to directly.

When we receive a complaint

If you make a complaint, we will:

• acknowledge the complaint in writing within five working days of receipt, unless the complaint has been resolved to your satisfaction within that time;

• document your complaint and all of the actions that our staff take in relation to your complaint;

• give you any information that we hold that is, or may be, relevant to your complaint; and

• provide an update to you on the progress of your complaint each month, until the complaint has been resolved.

Making decisions on complaints

Within ten working days of acknowledging your complaint in writing, we will:

• decide whether or not we accept that your complaint is justified;

• decide whether more time is needed to investigate your complaint; and

• if more than 20 working days will be needed to investigate your complaint, advise you that we need more time to make a decision and provide the reasons why more time is needed.

What happens next?

After we decide whether or not we accept that your complaint is justified, we will inform you of:

• our decision to either accept or not accept that your complaint is justified;

• the reasons for our decision;

• any actions that we propose to take; and

If you are unhappy with the outcome, we will advise you how to complain to the Health and Disability Commissioner or the Privacy Commissioner.